I was born and raised on East Patchouge NY.  A suburb of NYC in a typical middle class family.  We did most of the usual things  Camping, Scouts, sunday church and extended family dinners. My father was a inspiration till his death at a early age, I was 16 at the time. His passing actually helped me to my future endeavors I didn't plan on going to college but to keep my mother happy at the time being I went to Hudson Valley Community college in Troy NY. That's where I learned not just about Electrical Technology, but living making a budget and growing up quickly among other things. I had 2 job offers but decided to move to back home and take a helper job back in Long Island, didn't last long but got my foot in the door at a McDonalds as Maintainace mechanic . This lead me to my 1st real job at Keith Machinery as a electrican for production machinery. Where I meet my wife, married for about 9 years with one son and divorced. After 8 great years at Keith Machinery I left on good terms to build motor control panels at Link Systems for the next 18 years, Until leaving to my present Employer New York Transist  System where I'm currently a Maintance Supervisor Instructor living in Brooklyn.

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